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We'd love to get your teams included in the NCSAA National and Super-Regional Rankings.  These are the only set of rankings of their kind, specifically for Christian school teams.  It's important for the largest possible number of schools to submit their scores, in order to make these rankings truly meaningful.  We publish these rankings nationally, to media and college coaches -- so having your teams included is great fun for your players and school community, as well as excellent P.R. for your school and program.  It's easy for your coaches to submit their scores; here are the details about how to do so:

STEP 1To submit your season results, please login (via the Member School Login area on the right sidebar).

If you are not currently an NCSAA member school, CLICK HERE for information about joining as a member.  This will provide you quickly and easily with a username and password, so that you'll be able to login.

If your school is a member (and you need a reminder of your username and password in order to login), you can use the "Password Help" link (near the login area on the right sidebar) to have a reminder sent to you. us if you need further help locating your login information.  We're happy to help!

STEP 2After you login, click on "Scores" beside the appropriate sport...and you'll be taken to an area where you can add each of your game / match results.  Add each game or match individually, filling in (to the best of your knowledge, and making a conservative guess, when necessary) the requested information...and your team will then be included in our rankings.  It's pretty simple!


We also maintain sets of Athlete Statistical Rankings, for a large variety of sports (and publish those to college coaches and the media nationwide) -- and we'd love to get your players included in those.  To submit your athletes' stats, follow the same directions as above (for submitting scores)...but click on "Stats" instead of "Scores" beside the appropriate sport...and submitting your stats is a simple and self-explanatory process.

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