NCSAA Tournaments - Athlete Waiver Form

Click the button below to access the Athlete Waiver Form, which must be submitted online for every athlete that attends an NCSAA tournament.

No athlete will be permitted to participate in any NCSAA tournament if NCSAA does not have a completed, current, and valid form on file for that athlete.  No registration fees will be refunded for any athlete or team that is unable to participate in part of all of any tournament due to the failure to complete and file the Athlete Waiver Form.  A new form must be submitted for every tournament that the athlete attends.

A separate form must be completed and submitted for each athlete.

This form MUST be completed by the player's parent or legal guardian.  Completion of the digital signature certifies that the form has been completed by the person whose name and initials appear in the digital signature area.  (If a paper form was completed by the parent/guardian, and then the online form was completed by another person, the paper form must be brought to the tournament and given to NCSAA at on-site registration.)

If you have any problems with this form, please contact us to resolve those issues.  No athlete will be excused from submitting a form due to problems with the form.  Please contact NCSAA to resolve any issues ahead of time.

PRINTABLE WAIVER FORMS -- If you need to allow your athletes to complete a paper waiver form (which their parents / guardians can complete and return to you), that form is available HEREOnce you receive these back, someone from your school (coach, athletic director, etc) MUST enter the forms online, on behalf of each parent / guardian, by the submission deadline.  If you submit your waiver forms in this way, you also must bring the original paper forms and give those to NCSAA during on-site registration (so that we will have official copies of the signed forms).


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